Ignatius Piazza

Get the Best in Concealed Carry Training

Have you ever desired the ability and skill to carry a concealed weapon? Well now's your chance at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. Here you will spend a day getting handgun training that many paid professionals don't receive.

You will also achieve the ability to carry a gun in 30 states! Imagine the freedom and security to be able to walk around legally with a gun for protection against America's criminals. You can thank Dr. Ignatius Piazza for all his hard work in creating Front Sight's top-of-the-line training facilities to make all this possible.

Ignatius Piazza has also decided to lend a hand to America's defenseless pilots by offering them free concealed carry training. After 9-11 Dr. Piazza decided something had to be done about the lack of safety in commercial airliners and the simplicity of terrorists to get on them. He swiftly sent out a news release lending a hand to all pilots wishing to learn how to defend themselves mentally and physically against any further attacks so they can keep their planes safe.

It may be a while for laws to change so pilots can carry guns in the cockpit but in the meantime they can get the needed training so they are prepared for the future. In these Front Sight classes they will be trained by America's best in firearms training, handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, self defense training and concealed carry training. After all this training America can rest easy again knowing that any loved one traveling by plane will be protected by firearms trained pilots.

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