Ignatius Piazza

Firearms Training for all Pilots at Front Sight

Front Sight has generously opened its gates to any and all commercial airline pilots for free firearms training. Never in history has any gun training institute made such an offer of this magnitude.

Front Sight, located in Parump, Nevada is one of the nation's largest firearms training institutes. Front Sight trains more American citizens than any other training institute. Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight's founder and director founded Front Sight for the purpose of giving people the chance to get firearms training without the drill instructor attitude or boot camp mentality.

American Airlines pilot Keith Shankland, believes that all airline pilots should have the right to carry a weapon on any plane they are flying. Front Sight is in complete agreement with this idea and believes that all citizens should have the right to the second amendment. Why shouldn't a commercial airline pilot be able to protect his crew, passengers and plane at all costs? If your loved ones were stuck on a place with terrorists would you not feel comfort in knowing their pilot had a firearm at his side?

Ignatius Piazza knows it is going to be a while before the laws change and all pilots will be able to come through his doors for his training. In the meantime he is working on beefing up his facilities and staff to prepare for such training as there are around 67,000 members in the Airline Pilots Association. This is no small offer to take on this many pilots for free training and all in the name of a safer America.

Hopefully one day when this dream has been fulfilled we will no longer see terrorist threats to our airlines and families can feel all that much safer sending their loved ones on planes to fulfill their dreams.

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