Ignatius Piazza

All Pilots Welcome for Free Gun Training

After the shock of 911 people in America felt an enormous amount of unease about flying our skies. Many people are still in shock and won't even consider travel by airplane, which limits their ability to see the world. This has created quite a strain on many airlines and has created a question, how can we make people feel safer in the air?

Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has come up with the answer. Ignatius Piazza has asked that every commercial airline pilot come to Front Sight for free gun training! This is an unprecedented offer that can change the term "Come fly the friendly skies" to a whole different level.

Front Sight is a world class training institute that has nothing but the best facilities and training instructors. All instructors have been trained by none other than Ignatius Piazza who is a Four Weapons Combat Master of which there are only 14 in the world.

After America's tragic loss the Air Line Pilots Association sent a safety bulletin to its members, telling them that "the cockpits should be protected at all costs, regardless of what kinds of security breaches have occurred, or are occurring in the back of the aircraft."
If the cockpit is breached, "pilots must be both mentally and physically prepared to take the life of a cockpit intruder," Stephen Luckey, a pilot and chairman of the union security committee, wrote in last week's memo.

When Airline pilot's come for Front Sight's free gun training they will be prepared in every way possible to ensure they will be able to execute what this safety bulletin has called for.

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