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Self Defense Training For Pilots Must Include Handgun Training

"Self defense training for pilots must include handgun training." Or at least that's what the pilots are saying. According to the article in Fort Worth Star Telegram, American Airlines pilot Keith Shankland is calling for the training and arming of all commercial pilots in America, citing that with proper training and firearms, all pilots could ably defend themselves and their passengers in the event of a terrorist attack.

Not only Shankland holds this viewpoint. In the article in Fort Worth Star, Stephen Luckey--the chairman of the union security committee--wrote in a memo that f the cockpit is breached, "pilots must be both mentally and physically prepared to take the life of a cockpit intruder." It's pretty obvious that if an attacker is armed with anything, ranging from box cutters to razors they managed to get past security, the pilots, who are treated with equal scrutiny at security checkpoints, wouldn't be able to defend themselves.

Firearms training is self defense training. Understanding what a firearms is capable of, what one can expect it to do and how to react given certain circumstances empowers and individual to keep himself and others safe in the event of a dangerous gun-related situation. Self defense training isn't considered unnecessary, why should gun training for our pilots be?

Firearms are needed in the cockpit. Self defense training for pilots must also include firearms training. Now thanks to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, pilots can get that training for free. Front Sight is offering its firearms self defense training to licensed, commercial pilots for free. Never has a shooting school made such an open-ended offer. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight has no desire or inspiration apart from the protection and safeguarding of America's skies. Therefore he is opening his doors free of charge for Front Sight's self defense training, defensive handgun training or other gun training to pilots all over America.

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