Ignatius Piazza

Shotgun Training - The Crack of a Shotgun

Have you ever been face to face with the barrel of a shotgun just in time to hear that terrifying sound of it being cocked? Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada will teach you how to use the fear factor of a shotgun without ever having to use bullets. It is believed that the shotgun can protect your home from invaders on just the mere intensity of the shotgun and the known force of the weapon by most people.

Ignatius Piazza has created Front Sight for the American people to uphold their Second Amendment rights. One of the joys of that right is the ability to use and carry a gun that will protect your life and the lives of your loved ones. At Front Sight you can take an array of shotgun training classes to beef up your skills with one of America's most popular and daunting guns. I mean who wouldn't back down to the cock of a shotgun?

Dr. Piazza's has a dream that all law abiding citizens should have the right and ability to defend themselves with accurate gun training whether it's shotgun training, rifle training, handgun training or submachine gun training.

After past events like 9-11, Dr. Piazza extended that dream to desire all airline pilots attain the proper firearms training needed to defend their passengers, crew and airplane in the face of terrorism. He has extended a very kind and generous offer to all airline pilots to receive free firearms training at Front Sight! It is known that is may be a while for laws to change allowing them to carry guns but he wants them prepared for that day.

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